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About me

My name is Bethlehem Kifle Desta (BKD)

I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1970 where I grew up in a happy, close-knit, multi generational, extended family.


After my primary school I attended the commercial school of Addis Ababa from where I graduated in 1992.


The following few years kept me in Ethiopia however an invitation to Athens, Greece in 1997 prefoundly altered the couse of my life. Very soon I was captivated by the charms and culture by Greece and so remain here to this day.


During my early years in Athens I embraced a series of diverse roles of employment, all of which enriched my life in unexpected ways.


In 2010 I married a charming gentleman of Danish nationality and later that year we experienced the joyous arrival of our daughter.


The following years during my spare time I acquired a new interest and passion for the creative arts, which led me to delve into attending courses in jewellery, drawing, painting and ceramics.


Since 2017 I have been a student of ”Artistic Creation” under the expert guidance of Gilda Frumkin. 

Around the same time I joined a pottery club where I recieved experienced knowledge about ceramics and valuable guidance from the founding member, Diane Kotzamanis.


In 2018, fueled by this newfound passion for art, I enrolled for two years in the AKTO ”Fine Art and New Media” program affiliated to the Middlesex University, London.


And, here I am, to present, fully immersed and continuing to explore and discover the compelling excitement I feel whilst expressing myself through these artistic mediums.   


The paint medium of choice is mainly oils, although I have also explored the creative possibilities with acrylics, particularly for abstract expression.


I have realized that anything to do with the creative arts, being within painting or ceramics,  is a continous exploration of ideas and of how to express oneself. 

Its a journey of discovery with one idea or technique bringing forth the birth of another.


…....My journey continues

Art for me is....

Art is self-discovery.

 Art, for me, is the intricate tapestry through which humanity and nature narrate their collective story. It's a profound journey of self-discovery, a gateway to new perspectives, and a window through which we can explore the vastness of the world around us.

A Glimpse into My Inner World

The freedom to choose my own expression and topics is paramount. It's my avenue to authenticity, allowing me to voice my thoughts and emotions without inhibition. Through my art, I can offer a glimpse into my inner world, sharing stories and reflections that resonate with me deeply.

Exhibiting art grows artists.

Sharing my art at exhibitions fills me with excitement and gratitude. It's not only an opportunity to showcase my work but also a chance to connect with others on a deeper level. Feedback from viewers helps me grow as an artist, constantly refining my craft.

The Palette of Life

Colors, to me, are like the palette of life itself—rich with experiences, emotions, and memories. I find beauty in every hue, each one carrying its own unique energy and significance. Whether vibrant or subdued, the right colors imbue my art with meaning, enhancing its impact and resonance.

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